Chicago Shootings: 1 Day, 3 dead, 12 wounded

As a Chicagoan who moved two years ago but has family and friends residing there, I regularly follow the Chicago news. With all the violence in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD, there has been lots of coverage and outrage. Where is the outrage about Chicago? The only outrage I’ve heard about lately is the “Chiraq” movie that Spike Lee plans to film. The violence in Chicago is among many of the city’s problems, in addition to high unemployment (regardless of the official numbers) for everyone but especially African Americans and African American teens. I am glad, however, that the likes of Al Sharpton are not involved because he would only exacerbate the problem. What is the answer? Please add your thoughts in the comments.

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3 dead, 12 wounded in Chicago shootings – Chicago Tribune.

No marches. Media not flocking to Chicago. Sharpton, Jackson, Obama quiet. What matters? Sad, very sad.

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