Quote Me…”I shall never surrender or retreat.”

In response to the Daily Prompt,” Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?”   WP_20151207_014

I’m not sure that I have a favorite quote but this quote by William B. Travis, captured on a statue commemorating The Alamo, has come to mind recently. It seems that many things in this life are a battle each day, from being out amongst a poor manners public, who cannot say excuse me or ask politely to get by, to the daily search for truth and real information, to the upcoming elections that will take place this year in the United States at the federal and local levels. Will the people elected for president and other offices act supposed in the public’s best interest as they further restrict our  daily choices and our God-given rights?

Some people are fighting other public and personal battles with their families, their employers, society and its rules, and the harsh realities of life. Psychedelic-Hearts-Tunnel-3

This quote also comes to mind because I have had to defend my opinions and justify my feelings to people throughout my life, often when it was not the other person’s place to question me. I can admit when I am wrong most of the time but I don’t like having to justify myself because I don’t fit someone else’s idea of normal. Nor do I like having to play along because I refuse to just accept what I am told as the truth, even though it’s a funny looking duck. I am who I am, and you are free to be who you are, too, whether you are comfortable enough to do so or not. Be yourself with courage, dignity, and strength while still having love and respect for others.

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Safety First…

In response to the Daily Post, “Safety First”, Share the story of a time you felt unsafe.

I have felt unsafe on many occasions in my life, mostly due to feel mentally and emotionally unsafe in response to the people around me. This caused by being around people that I can’t trust or can’t relax around.

courtesy of clipart/jonata
courtesy of clipart/jonata

I understand that I cannot control others’, nor their actions and expressions, but I can control with whom I allow myself to interact except for while I am at work. I limit contact with people who are erratic, narcissistic, and those who do not value me or Boyfriend. This is one of many reasons I sought out and accepted a new job almost two months ago. I could not trust the people with whom I worked and had to depend upon over the past two years, as workers and as people. You can tell when someone is phony and/or untrustworthy when they smile at you and then stop/start talking to someone else as you leave/enter a room. Or when they only engage you to get information for their benefit, but not for the sake of conversation. You can tell that someone only talked to you and appreciated your “friendship” when you were both in frequently proximity, but you don’t hear from them when you no longer see each other at the office.

courtesy of clipart/doctormo
courtesy of clipart/doctormo

I felt unsafe, rather vulnerable, often as a child and teenager because I was teased and had few friends. The friends I had were also people who were teased or had few friends, and would sometimes leave me for other friends with parents that were more lenient with their rules or bought the newest, coolest gadgets.  I rarely felt physically unsafe but the stress and emotional strain was not easy to deal with for years and years, and I was outnumbered, which I was lucky to not have been physically threatened. As an adult, I try to pull from the lessons these experiences taught me, especially to be myself and to seek out people who are respectful and accepting of me and my uniqueness. You don’t have to agree with me but be open to new ideas. I would rather have a small circle of people I can trust than a large circle of people who I call into question. It’s best to be safe than sorry!

Respect For Your Fellow Man

There is always someone who wants what you have. Sometimes it’s your car or your job. Other times it’s your mate, and sometimes it’s about something as silly as you got there first, or you are in their way. In this case, I was using a treadmill in the apartment complex gym, and a fellow apartment dweller had to wait. Rather than ask how long the treadmill would be in use, this person did a few exercises and huffed and puffed. Then he did a few more exercises before throwing down an exercise mat and stomping home.

I’m not sure if I was more struck by the feeling of entitlement radiating from this person, or the lack of willingness (and maybe ability) to communicate, but I think it was the shock and awe of a grown man displaying a five-year-old style temper tantrum because he didn’t get there first. If only this was a chance encounter but, sadly it is not. This type of behavior is often more common than a polite hello, excuse me, or a simple acknowledgement that another person exists.

Fortunately, I didn’t let this ruin my evening, or my workout. However, this episode made me realize how often we want instant gratification and we feel that our needs are more important than someone else’s needs. We are often so into our routines, our hurry to get things done, and into our electronic communications that we forget how to actually talk to another person. Then again, some people need to be taught how to communicate out loud in a civilized manner.

The best way is to teach by example… Smile at someone or say hello and see if you don’t brighten someone’s day, or respond in kind when someone does the same to you. It could start a chain reaction of friendliness and respect for your fellow man.

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