Photo 101 Day 6 Connect and Tags

After a pretty heavy storm, I was happy to see the sun come out for a little while and noticed the beautifully painted sky. I grabbed the chance to connect with nature, and noticed that different connections interact with our daily existence.. through street lights and power lines, and the cell phone I had with me in case someone else wanted to connect.

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Photo 101 Day 1 – Home

Our buddy girl
Our buddy girl Boo

We have a fourteen-month-old cat that we adopted last summer. Boyfriend rescued her and her sisters, and they were fostered until ready for adoption. Our little buddy girl makes life interesting everyday, and is definitely an important part of our home.

This is one of her favorite spots, a cat bed in her custom-made cat-tower that Boyfriend built.

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Photo 101 Day 2 – Street

NY Public Library 5th Ave at 42nd St. New York, NY 10018

I have been looking back at the photos I took about a year ago when I visited my brother in NYC.

I love this shot of the NY Public Library, flagship location, with the beauty of the ivory building bookended by trees and the movement of passersby. I had a little time to walk around inside but I would love to visit this library again on another trip.

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