No place like home…

Going out to have “fun” always sounds like a good idea, right? Then I think about the traffic the crowds, the expense, and if I really want to leave my house… Husband and I are usually in a agreement.

We actually tried to go out and do something last weekend that didn’t involve getting food or running errands, but it wasn’t to be. I suggested that we go to the gun show, just to browse, do something that seemed very Texas-like, maybe even end up with a small gift for my dad – a shirt or something else he would like. So, Husband and I drove the 15-20 minutes to venue, only to end up leaving because there was NO PARKING… not even for someone who drives a small mid-sized car. I realize that a gun show in a lot of places, including Texas, and especially on Veteran’s Day would be a pretty hot ticket, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be that packed. lone-star-2028578_960_720

This is a recurring theme when Husband and I decide to do almost anything in our corner of Central Texas. You can’t eat at a restaurant without a wait, so you change your plans. Then  you get stuck in traffic  on your way there, wherever that might be, and then you can’t even park once you arrive. Over and over and over again, and it matters little what time of day or day or the week.  If you do manage to make it to your destination and park your car, likely you will be too warn out to enjoy yourself unless you got a really early start.   WP_20170211_17_37_36_Pro

I really appreciate just being at home. I’m not the biggest fan of cleaning, but I love hanging out and listening to music, playing with our two cats, or helping Husband cook meals. After driving to and from Austin for work four days a week, there is nothing like just being at home .


My comfort… my cat buddy


On August 16, 2014, we adopted the most loving, playful adorable kitten, which Boyfriend named Boo. I can’t believe a year has gone already gone by!

2015 copyright blogdaysofchrell
2015 copyright blogdaysofchrell

There was a young, female cat that we used to feed in front of our apartment. We weren’t looking for a cat but took a liking to her, and we began leaving out water and giving the cat food when she came around. Kittie, as we called her, was very cautious of us and we believe that Kittie must have been abandoned by someone living nearby.  Kittie delivered a litter of four females in April 2014, and was trapped six weeks later, so she could be sent to a barn cat program. Boyfriend trapped her litter one by one, found a rescue group to foster them, and we later adopted the runt. Two of Boo’s sisters were adopted by different families, and her Alpha sister is believed to have been adopted by the cat foster family.

Boo has grown into a strong, adventurous, fun-loving cat. She is our daily entertainment and our greatest comfort. It’s hard to remember what life was like before Boo, and we couldn’t imagine life without her!

Happy Anniversary, Boo!

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