Hello Blogosphere! Why I Joined Word Press

Hard  for me to believe that it’s been three months since I signed up for a blog on WordPress.com. My, my, how time flies!

Joining Word Press was something I considered for months before I decided to give it a go. Writing was a hobby of mine for a long time. I wrote poems as an adolescent and young adult as a way to get my feelings out and organize my thoughts. At times, I took inspiration from music or friends’ situations and wrote my take on it. I have also kept a journal on and off for 25 years, wow! I am also an avid reader, though not as much as I was growing up or when I relied on public transit rather than a vehicle. All the same, I like real books and news articles. Unfortunately, I read most of my news online now, though I was a regular buyer of print news until I moved to Texas.

My interests and views have evolved over time, which should be a part of aging and maturing. With knowledge comes understanding, supposedly, and I feel that has happened for me in the past few years. I used to read a healthy supply of pop and chic fiction but now read mostly biographies and non-fiction. While I have always been interested in books about people, especially athletes, wrestlers and a few celebrities, I try to read now for the sake of learning, even reading about someone or something with whom I don’t agree. With my increased knowledge I no longer take most news as reported and think I am getting the whole story or even the real story, especially in light of a known reporter admitting a few days ago that he lied about stories he previously reported about regarding his experiences in Iraq and after Hurricane Katrina! I grew up thinking a certain way politically, too, and began to see things a little different after Boyfriend observed that the 2008 Presidential debates are similar to professional wrestlers cutting promos. Next came the almost non-stop scandals in the years since, which have involved various levels of government, politicians and large corporations.  As a result, I research the information I get, reading news websites, alternative news websites, blogs and documentaries. That is how I found out about Word Press.

Some things about me have changed  in the last seven years and some have not. I read, but what I read has changed. I still follow and watch sports but I am much more balanced with the importance sports of sport and leisure have in my life versus the importance of what is going on in the world and spending quality time with friends and family, learning and relaxing. I like music, movies and TV but have much more awareness about the influences behind these mediums, as with news, and can see the message and agenda that I didn’t see before (For more on this, see my Television post). While these medium should be a force for awareness, expression and ideas, they can be used for influence, propaganda, slanting the argument and misinformation.

I thought the First Amendment of the US Constitution gave us free speech
Sign at the end of the Zilker Park Trail of Lights 2013

I am open to people, ideas and other ways of life but I am conscious of the fact that you can’t be too trusting, that people can and will take advantage of you and your situation, and that you need to always do what is best for you. As my Dad would tell me growing up, “There are always people with an ax to grind,” meaning that they are asking you to do something for their benefit. I, too have an ax to grind, and I hope that I can share my views, experiences and observations with others through my blog, whether to education, to help them relate to someone like themselves or to connect with others from whom I might learn a thing or two. I find a lot of variety on Word Press, something for everyone.  I find the process of using Word Press a bit challenging at times but it is still new for me and it will take practice. I like that Word Press is used in many ways for many purposes, that you are involved in the community as much or as little as you choose. It is an open forum for free speech, which is becoming somewhat of a rare and limited commodity in today’s world, even in America. I am a true supporter of free speech, even speech I don’t agree with. We can learn from those with a different opinion and a different experience.

Hello, Blogosphere. It’s nice to meet you!

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If you walked into most homes in America right now, you would found at least one television on. You may or may not find a TV watcher, but the TV will be on.

Not in our place because we don’t have cable and we don’t have a converter box. When we moved into our new apartment last summer, we got internet and cable service, mostly to watch the final season of Breaking Bad. We kept the service for a few months after Breaking Bad ended but grew annoyed with the quality of the cable service and the never ending reruns on most channels. Worse, we watched shows on TV that we have on DVD and utilized about 5 channels despite what were paying for.

So, we got rid of our cable. It was mostly Boyfriend’s idea as a cost cutting measure, but we are glad we got rid of it. The mostly wasted hours we spent watching reality shows, we now use to read, write, talk to each other, exercise, relax or enjoy our kitten. We utilize the internet for sports news, movies, social media, and alternative news. If I want to watch sports, I can go to the complex gym and attempt to watch while I work out or watch while I eat at a restaurant.

Bill Hicks on watching television courtesy of pinterest

I have always been an avid reader, and I find that reading allows me to learn and consider other sources that can further explain or confirm the truth. I used to read chick fiction but have switched to non-fiction books for the most part. The internet allows me access to lots of sources and enables me to find documentaries or funny clips. I am amazed at news and world events that others don’t know about, and I almost as amazed at the trivial things others do know about. A quote by the late, great comedian Bills Hicks sums up television well , unless used carefully and in moderation, very accurately.

Watch TV in moderation, research the news you see on TV, read books, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the whole other side of the story you have been missing.

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