Podcasts I enjoy…

As someone with a Psychology degree and interests in various aspects of the humanities (psychology, sociology, history, economics), I have found a few podcasts that are interesting, easy to listen to, and long enough to learn from but not so long that I lose interest. Check them out!

Nice Try! – Season 1 covered various efforts throughout history to create a utopia. Season 2 covers the interiors of life and our home environment, from bidets to mattresses and other products to improve life.

Freakonomics – Exploring the social and economic side of many things you think you understand, I always learn something listening to this podcast.

Curious City on WBEZ – I love listening to this podcast because I learn about my hometown, Chicago. From the history of house music, how lead pipes have affected nearby Indiana and Chicago Eastside residents, to being Midwest nice, the history of hillbillies in Uptown, and so much more, you can find a short episode to fit your interest.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking – Everyone has experienced grief, whether it’s the loss of a spouse, a family member, a friend, or a pet. Nora McInerny shares her experience with the loss of her husband and her father, and interviews people who share their experiences. Grief and loss are often sad and painful, but you may find yourself not only comforted, but learning and laughing (yes, it happens), as you listen to Nora and her guests share their stories.

More to come…. check back for more podcasts soon!