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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee I am a HUGE Seinfeld fan. I didn’t watch the show when it was on in prime time but I have been watching the reruns for years and even own the DVDs. I’d heard about Jerry Seinfeld’s online show but never checked it out until I saw an article about the episode he did with Julia Louis-Dreyfus….Hilarious!!! I also really liked the episodes with Bill Burr, George Costanzo, and the one Jerry did with Larry David.

Dear Kitten video commercial I am a cat owner and a big fan of cats! While I am not and can’t endorse the food advertised, I appreciate the cleverness and humor in this commercial. It could even cheer up a dog fan on a bad day… Check it out.


INFOWARS Infowars.com is a great alternative news source which provides news articles, video, an online store that sells supplements/survivalist gear/t-shirts, and links to Infowars radio hosted by Alex Jones. Sister website Prison Planet offers similar articles.

Natural News Here you can find information regarding health, supplements, home remedies, environmental concerns regarding health and alternative news stories. There is also an online store, links to health research and videos posted by Mike Adams, The Health Ranger.

The Drudge Report – A quick, comprehensive way to see all of the important news of the day in one place from all news sources.


Scouting NY If you love NYC, this website including posts about New York City neighborhoods, buildings and other areas of interest, as well as information about moving scouting. Very cool!

Top 100 Inspiring Quotes This was posted on LewRockwell.com, another alternative news website but I found it appealing to anyone looking for inspiration and motivation.

More to come…



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