The first casualty… truth

Anger is my first inclination but, mostly, I am heartbroken. So much of life, opportunity, potential, and more are gone in ways most people don’t realize while they wait for normal to return. The truth is always the first casualty, but most don’t know that the truth has been a lie for a very long time.

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Once you know, you are changed forever. You might take a breather now and again, to live and just be – away from the constant barrage of bullshit, propaganda, and disinformation from all directions.

Take the whole COVID thing, for instance. Only sick, vulnerable people need masks. No, wait… everyone needs masks, maybe even two or three masks. Remember flatten the curve? The curve has flattened several times, only to flare up when masks get mandated or re-mandated. Anyone with eyes and critical thought looking at these graphs for any major city or country can see that the case number increases, which are based on inaccurate and misused tests, typically come after the mandates and after each new group gets their jabs.

Pardon my cynicism and tinfoil hat wearer speech, but after seeing videos and articles about Terrain Theory, how “viruses” are isolated, what a “virus” is and its function, what Kary Mullis (inventor of the PCR test) said about the PCR test, the AIDS epidemic, and Anthony Fauci, and you actually take an objective look at all of this info (and much more), just WOW. Here’s the good news, you have nowhere near scratched the surface of the way life and its happenings have been wrongly portrayed to all of us, for almost our whole existence!

Anyone who things I’m crazy, read “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen , “War is A Racket” by Smedley Butler  or books by Jesse Ventura (this and this) to see if you have been taught the truth about some of our wars and other historical events. People deserve to know the truth, but sometimes you have to seek it out on your own to find it. Many people look to YouTube, but has many great videos and documentaries not found on other video platforms. My hope is that more of us will seek answers and keep those in charge accountable, with the hope that life can somewhat improve and we can possibly prevent the next major crisis.

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