My inner Walter Mitty

HD wallpaper: Adventure Waits For No One, Travel, Other ...I watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty a few days ago, and I loved it. Having seen Meet the Parents, Duplex, Along Came Polly, There’s Something About Mary, and other Ben Stiller movies, I gave it a shot. Initially set in New York city and roughly based off a short story of the same name (which I was unaware of but now plan to read), the movie kept my attention and offered wonderful scenery as Walter Mitty traveled the world to track down a photographer and overcame his propensity for being cautious and avoiding risk. In this way, the movie really did remind me of Along Came Polly, as both characters leave their comfort zone in order to find happiness, though they are also very different movies. Funny that Along Came Polly is also set in New York city.

I related to the story because I get very comfortable in different situations. I get into a routine and I like knowing what I’m doing. Change has never been easy for me until I adjust, and then things change again. I like organization, making notes, having a calendar and an idea of what is going to happen. I also relate to the story because I hold onto certain feelings, I choose to go with what I know and try to hold onto it. I like some of the so-called modern conveniences we have in society, but I would give much of it back for life to be simple again. Many of the shows I like to watch don’t feature cell phones, social media or current times, such as Seinfeld, Felicity, Beverly Hills 90210, Blossom, The Brady Bunch, and others, and they also tend to feature life as I wish mine had been… Large groups of friends, adventures, close-knit happy, supportive families, and people who overcome self-doubt, depression, challenges, and family conflict to achieve great things.

These shows also help me revisit times in my life I would that I could relive or get a do-over. Again, this is tied to recurring theme radical acceptance and being in the now, but sometimes you need to just relax, have a few laughs and reminisce, too. I couldn’t really tell you what is currently on tv, except for what I see in commercials while watching MLB games, Darkside of the Ring or ads that play on Hulu while I watch the shows and movies mentioned above. Maybe these shows and movies weren’t the best acted or most creative but I connect with them and prefer them to all of the virtual reality-based garbage I see being promoted. By, am I starting to sound old or what? Maybe I’m just catching up to myself.

Getting back to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, I plan to use it as inspiration to try new things, venture in new directions, and build on my creative skills of writing, taking pictures, and extending my comfort zone a little. Once I read the short story, I’ll write about that and let you know what I thought.

* All photos used are available through Creative Commons or Public Domain.

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