Is MLB serious about the proposed 9th Inning rule?

I heard that MLB is considering several ideas to improve the game. Among the ideas is that, if a team is losing at the beginning the 9th Inning, they would then be able to allow any 3 players on the team to bat.

I guess that in some games it would not matter who a team sent to the batter’s box if they were losing, but the idea that the batting order would not matter at that point in time is ridiculous. As if to say, the rules will matter for only 8 Innings and then they will change because a team is losing. Should teams also get a Certificate of Participation each time they lose so the players don’t feel bad?  I could maybe see using a form of tie-breaker after 12 innings, which could include something like this to keep already long games from getting longer, but not because a team is losing.

Please don’t ruin Major league Baseball.

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