House-hunting, there goes my weekend…

Boyfriend and I have been looking at housing options on and off for awhile. We considered trying to buy a house with a few acres, then buying land and building on it, finally looking at houses in our general that offer good space and a large yard for a garden and backyard chicken coop. We have spent several days, yes days, driving around the surrounding areas/nearby counties trying to find a prospect that will not be under water every time it rains in Central Texas to no avail… they were too expensive, restricted by HOA guidelines, too far to commute to/from every day, or awful in some other way. Home-netalloy1

We thought this weekend might find out the right available home to meet our needs, though a bit more than we wanted to pay… pending but take back-up offers was not what we hoped for. After seeing this completely redone early 1900’s home with front and back porches among the other great touches, amenities, and yard, it was not only hard to look at the other two houses we found, it was dreadful, smelly, and even more disappointing. I don’t know how people can sell houses for those prices in their current condition! We got mosquito bites inside one of the, dare I say, homes, while we breathed in warm, musty air and hoped that the floor, which was completely uneven, didn’t cave in. Casa-in-campagna

Our realtor is kind, patient, thorough and, I believe, fairly honest compared to most realtors, and she took the time to help us understand the home-buying process. The Seller’s realtor on the other hand… Sadly, though, this was probably a waste of time. The home we really want was going pending as we inquired about it, and we did go forward with an offer because the home status is pending but taking back-ups, but it is unlikely to work in our favor. I am trying to remain optimistic and have prayed about it, that if we don’t get this home it is because something better is in store for us… Ultimately, we will be renewing our lease for six months to keep looking if needed but I am not thrilled at the idea of living in 650 square feet for too much longer, and neither is boyfriend or the Cat.

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