Stroke of Midnight…

In response to the Daily Prompt, “Stroke of Midnight“, Where were you last night at midnight? Would you have wanted to be somewhere else?

As everyone knows, last night was New Year’s Eve. I think most people, myself included were, were ready to move on from 2015 whether ready for 2016 or not.

Boyfriend and I decided to go to a local watering hole to hear some music. We took a brisk walk rather than driving the few blocks distance due to having a drink before we headed out and the possibility of another drink, which we later decided against. We cannot risk legal problems nor our driver’s licenses, and we live in a fairly small town with city, county, and state law enforcement close by.

We had a great time listening to familiar 90’s Alternative music by Weezer, Beck, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day and Everclear, Matchbox 20, and Dynamite Hack played by a local cover band. Boyfriend knows the guitar player, and will be collaborating with him on music of his own in the recording studio.  Boyfriend has several songs written and ideas he has been working on for years, and he will finally get a chance to bring his ideas to light.  The guitar player is a music instructor and producer in his day job, and I hope Boyfriend’s songs come out the way he envisioned them, even if only for his satisfaction and fulfillment of a dream. He really deserves that.

My New Year’s Eve, our New Year’s Eve, was nice… good music, no drama, and time spent together. I don’t think we would change anything.

courtesy of jhnri4/clipart

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Word Press blogosphere!

© 2016 blogdaysofchrell

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