A few days off…

I took a few days to relax with Boyfriend from Christmas Eve through the weekend. It was time we both needed, as I have been adjusting to a new job and schedule and he had worked the past few weekends. Unfortunately, I started a few posts but didn’t finish them. I plan to have a few posts in the coming days.  Part of adjusting is figuring out how to get things done when I get home without staying up too late and trying to balance what I need to get done on the weekend while still having quality time with Boyfriend. The new year should allow us both to re-group and recover from the transitions and chaos of 2015.

One thing I am considering is buying a tablet so I can work on blog posts on my lunch break a few days a week. I am contemplating between an IPAD, although I have a Windows computer and a Windows phone, because I don’t want to do the Windows 10 update and the IPAD offers lots of apps and versatility. I will likely stick with what is familiar, but I would welcome any helpful feedback about the tablet decision to help me think it through. Any thoughts?

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