Downtime and recovery…

I returned from NYC late 11/09/15 from a great trip to see Brother and his girlfriend, which was action-packed. I spent a little time editing pictures but mostly hanging out with Boyfriend before he goes to work and resting. Vacations can be fun but physically demanding.Walking around the sites of New York City was very enjoyable but left me exhausted and sore, though in better shape from all the exercise I got. I saw many places I had not on the previous visits to NYC, and I will soon be posting pictures and more details…

This is my “downtime” week, the week between my last job and my new job. I have tried to utilize the time to do things I wouldn’t be able to do during the day, such as running errands, browsing shops, blogging, and getting a massage. It is already Thursday, and I am asking myself where the time is going, but being at home and recovering from my recent adventure has been good. It’s been nice to just sit in the comfy chair and read or snuggle with the furry child Boo. I am excited about the new job and ready for the challenges ahead but want to make sure that I relax and keep from being too busy so I can start next week feeling prepared and fresh. I launch into my 10 hour days/ 4 day workweek on 11/16, and I will be attending multiple trainings around Texas in the coming months. It will b a great opportunity to learn new things and improve my skills as a case manager.

I started thinking about all the things I could do with this week of free time, and realized that it is not really “downtime” if I don’t actually slow down. I am trying to be mindful while enjoying these few days, and I think I am doing well so far.

What do you do with your “downtime” to rest, recover and prepare for new adventures?

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