Moved To Tears… Happy cows

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Moved to Tears.” Describe the last time you were moved to tears by something beautiful.

This may be a big admission, but I don’t normally cry unless I am sad or frustrated. That’s not to say that I don’t cry. However, the occasion touching moment that really gets to me does happen from time to time. Not that I don’t have moments that touch my heart in some way, it’s just not how I express myself on a regular basis.

One moment that did move me to tears was watching dairy cows being let out to pasture after all winter. This came to my attention while perusing articles on The Blaze news website: Watching the excitement of cows put out to pasture after a winter inside. I read the article but didn’t have time to watch the videos. The next day at work when I needed a break, I used my phone to find the cow videos and found this one on YouTube:

This farmer also has a website I plan to look at a bit more:!

Watching those beautiful cows run about joyfully, eating freely, and seemingly joking with each other made me so happy. I even shared it with a co-worker who had a similar reaction on a stressful day, which also made me happy. Now that I live in Texas I frequently see cows grazing and napping in the sun and I find it calming and peaceful. While I live in a town, the country is a short drive away and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the scenery.

Boyfriend and I drove past a feedlot farm in West Texas on a roundtrip a few years… all I can say is yuck and how sad. We could smell the feedlots before we saw it and it seems to go on for miles. I was disturbed to see cows cramped into small spaces, some of the standing on mounts of excrement because there was nowhere for them to go. And to think that those cows and others treated the same way produce a lot of the  red meat that Americans eat everyday.  Not to get on my soapbox but, if there is plenty of land to keep building and building and building houses, shopping centers and other buildings while there are homes going unsold, vacant crumbling buildings in major metropolitan areas, and lots of people who can’t afford housing, we have plenty of space to let animals roam as they are meant, especially the animals that produce our food.

Photo0057Boyfriend and I used to purchase pasture-raised beef, eggs and ham from a farmer in Illinois, and loved the food his animals produced. The eggs are the yummiest with the most golden yolks I have ever seen, and I really miss the deli ham! I can also attest to his animals being well cared for and pastured-raised because we visited Nature’s Choice Farm. If you are near Chicago or the South and Western suburbs, you should check them out! Photo0056

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