Taking time to relax…

Do you ever have free time and try to find ten things you need to do with that time? I felt like that today, and opted to take it easy.

We took our cat to this morning, which was not fun for her or for us, and I got permission to leave work early to be with the cat while Boyfriend worked this evening. She’s a sensitive cat and has had bad reactions to vaccines and medicine before so we decided to err on the side of caution. The free time came into play because I was home two hours earlier than normal. While Boo was napping, I decided to nap as well after looking at some blogs and responding to a comment or two on mine. The nap was much needed but I was resistant at first because I could have been doing other things. While the cat continued to nap and I checked on her a few times, I went back to my computer and found a few really great TED talks to watch. I took notes so I can refer back to what I watched and possibly share them with others. One of the videos was posted at http://belikewaterproduction.com/2015/06/15/motivation-monday-psychology-of-self-motivation-scott-geller/  Motivation Monday – Psychology of Self-Motivation (Scott Geller). This led me to watch a few more TED Talks, which were informative and inspiring. Rather than feeling like I didn’t get enough done, like I do some evenings, I feel a bit refreshed.

The other TED Talks I watched were:

How to find your passion and inner awesomenes | Eugene Hennie | TEDxMMU

How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes | Adam Leipzig | TEDxMalibu

Wanting Something Different: Charley Johnson at TEDxMalibu

Greg Louganis | Finding My Voice in the Silence of Meditation | TEDxMalibu

They all have overlapping themes but each video offered something different. I find things like this interesting while working in a helping field that can be rewarding yet draining, and find that re-evaluating life and your choices is necessary. It also helps to hear that others feel what you feel and have experienced what you have.

Hope these videos offer you knowledge and inspiration as well.

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