A Dog Named Bob

Daily Prompt from 06/10/15: You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob

A blue jay flew by my window as I licked syrup from my plate. I had a taste for scrambled eggs, since the two pancakes I ate were not enough. Through my open window, I could see that the sun was shining, the birds were chipping. The temperature, 90 degrees, inspired me to walk down to the mailbox. As I walked back to my apartment empty-handed, a big, black dog crossed my path and sat down. Intrigued, I said hello and asked the owner the dog’s name. Bob, she replied, as she attempted to interest Bob in a treat if he got up and continued their walk. Time to do laundry, I told myself. As I packed up my laundry baskets, I checked all my pockets for pens. I would hate to ruin a favorite shirt with ink!

© 2015 blogdaysofchrell

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