Saying hello to the neighbors… Blogging 101

So, in my limited time this evening I wanted to do the assignment of reading blogs in the reader using different tags. I chose to search “cats”, “Texas”, “introvert” and “career change”.

I found lots of blogs, some of whom I have perused recently and some that were new to me. I was very happy to blogs and posts about cats, as I am a cat owner. I live in a mostly dog-friendly world – at work, at my apartment complex and in my family – so I am always pleased to find cat-friendly people, blogs and environments. Not that I am opposed to dogs, although I am not fond of yappers, it’s just that I prefer and I identify more with cats. I found many blogs referring to introversion, being an introvert and being a “highly-sensitive person.” This topic is something I have read books about, as I have mentioned in my blog, and it continues to fascinate me. In searching career change, I found lots of related posts and topics, including “being trapped in the wrong career”, “transitions” posts about interviews, following your dreams, and “how to build a successful global career and lifestyle”. Regarding Texas, I found about blog about an Austin newcomer but mostly news blogs about the police pool party situation in McKinney, TX and a story or two about the abortion laws being upheld.

I bookmarked a few blogs to go back and read in my spare time, and I think that I will continue reading a few of them, even though I sometimes have a hard time reading all of the blogs I follow currently. It seems that you try a few blogs, a few stick and a few don’t but there are some many options to tickle your interests that you will eventually find what you are looking for.

A few that caught my attention tonight were:

Transitions In My Life

The Acci-dental Farmer

The Path Less Travelled By

Freed to Fly

The Geeky Traveller

Maybe these blogs will interest you, too!




3 thoughts on “Saying hello to the neighbors… Blogging 101

  1. Hello, new friend! 🙂 I saw that you had visited my blog and so went to go drop by in yours and see what kind of things matter to you . Imagine my surprise, as I’m reading through this light-hearted post of yours and find my blog site included in a list of choices that you had enjoyed! Wow! I feel happy and tickled to find myself in such good company. Thank you for the honour! 🙂 I bet it was the cat photos I had posted, right? Hahaha! I could relate with that part of your post as well. However much I like the company of dogs, my inner me gravitates far more to cats…..ever since I was little, when I would check out library books and National Geographic issues with articles on the big cats! P.S. I enjoyed how you described your blog reading approach. As I am still relatively new to blogging, I haven’t tried that method yet. I will give it a go at one of my next blog reading sessions. Thanks so much…..and I wish I knew your name so I could address you with it. 🙂


    1. Glad to have brought you some joy! Blogging is fun but can be nerve-racking… is anyone reading and enjoying my blog? We can definitely bond over cats! Good luck with your writing!

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      1. Yes, I agree. Blogging is a lot of fun, and sometimes you wonder and hope that people enjoy reading your thoughts. Thank you, and I wish you continued fun and success with your writing, Chrellie! 🙂


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