We Built This Town…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt on 03/19/15: “We Built This City.”

I moved to a town in Central Texas that, in funny ways, mirrors my experience in the Chicago suburb from which I moved. I live approximately 30 miles from the nearest major city, just as I did before, and the town I in which I live is somewhat limited in its shopping offerings so we often travel a town or two over to get all of our groceries and needed items. In both cases, I have lived near an interstate highway, though I am much closer to the highway where I live now. Also, I worked for a social service agency with city government contracts/affiliations, and my current job is through local government and has social service agency affiliation/contracts. It’s very strange how my experiences in two very different places mirror each other. Now, on to the topic…

courtesy of clipartpanda.com
courtesy of clipartpanda.com

I don’t know that I would change much about the town itself where I now live. It’s a fairly cute, yet growing area of Central Texas that is keeping some of its country charm and slowly modernizing. In good traffic, I can make it to or from work in 10 minutes, and in bad traffic I make it in about 20-25 minutes.  Apartment living is where I would make some changes. Apartment options were somewhat limited when we moved almost two years ago but more apartment complexes are being built, though they are fairly pricey! I realize that builders and businesses are capitalizing on the demand but I think there should be a happy medium between rundown and/or low-income housing and luxury apartments with amenities that eat up 50% or more of your income. How about  putting up nice, well-built apartments at reasonable prices rather than hastily built, expensive apartments showing signs of poor craftsmanship and with amenities that are not properly maintained so they are, therefore, frequently unavailable. The complex we moved to was brand new and the other options were old and undesirable or unavailable. Houses are also being built everywhere you go but are also expensive in price and in the corresponding property taxes as well. I just read that the average home price for our neck of the woods is $215,000!

The one thing I would change about our town is the upkeep of roads, which is improving as they repair and expand high traffic roadways, and add in access roads where they had none.  I think that water drainage on the road needs to be addressed. Where I come from there were sewers, which I don’t see too much here, and when it rains, look out! There are a lot of low-lying areas and “retention ponds”, which fill up quickly.

Something I will be interested in is the outcome of the influx of people moving to what is considered a fairly conservative area, in all ways imaginable, from places that are as far from conservative as you can get and are hell-bent on remaking their new home in the likeness of the home they left. As I said, I think the area could use a lift into slightly more modern times but, being that I am an independent thinker who believes that no side is completely in the right (or left), but I like that Texas fought for its independence, can wave its flag as high as the US flag, and that it has its own pledge , which I have heard recited at many local government events. I like that Texas is a second-amendment friendly state, hopefully becoming an open carry or constitutional carry state. I like it is a place where ideas, new and old can merge, and that there are places where small businesses are almost as common as chain businesses in the surrounding metropolis.

I don’t wish to be mayor of this town and don’t think I would win the race, either, as I would not be the candidate to say whatever just to get elected. Care for some tea? I am curious what the mayor of this town thinks about having three fried chicken chain stores within half a block of each other on a major street. I hope that he continues to build on the strengths of the town without conforming too much to the negative influences of overspending, over-regulating and the ongoing bending of the rights of American and legal citizens at all levels of government. South San Gabriel Blue Hole

All in all, I like my small Central Texas town, which is close to big city things but offers a quick commute, less congestion and beautiful scenery nearby.

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