Families are Complicated… Part II

After the writing of “Families are Complicated”, we started contemplating the logistics of the trip. Driving 18-20 hours. In winter through areas that get snow and ice. With a cat. Then I got sick and Boyfriend’s back acted up, trip cancelled after being up in the air. Apparently, this is not the right time.

We will probably make the trip in the spring, rather than in winter, and all previously expressed sentiments remain. I go into the next few days surrounding Christmas with mixed feelings. I would have liked the chance to see my family, my brother included (if he didn’t get stranded in an airport), and to have it go well. I would have liked for Boyfriend’s family to be happy to see us, or at least be considerate and deferential. I would have, hopefully, enjoyed a few hours experiencing the freedom of the open road.

We knew when we moved 18 hours from home that visits would be difficult for us to make, given that it would be a long, and probably, pricey trip on top of our everyday expenses. We also knew that Texas was pretty far from everything else, and that this would not be at the top of people’s travel destinations despite being 30-45 minutes from a really cool city and beautiful landscape. This was our choice, and I am a big girl. I am hopeful that expressions of, “You couldn’t make it, I guess we’ll have to come see you,” will come true. It would be great to show family why we moved here, to take them to see the bats at sunset, to show them Hill Country and what the Great State of Texas has to offer. I remain hopeful, as always…

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