If you walked into most homes in America right now, you would found at least one television on. You may or may not find a TV watcher, but the TV will be on.

Not in our place because we don’t have cable and we don’t have a converter box. When we moved into our new apartment last summer, we got internet and cable service, mostly to watch the final season of Breaking Bad. We kept the service for a few months after Breaking Bad ended but grew annoyed with the quality of the cable service and the never ending reruns on most channels. Worse, we watched shows on TV that we have on DVD and utilized about 5 channels despite what were paying for.

So, we got rid of our cable. It was mostly Boyfriend’s idea as a cost cutting measure, but we are glad we got rid of it. The mostly wasted hours we spent watching reality shows, we now use to read, write, talk to each other, exercise, relax or enjoy our kitten. We utilize the internet for sports news, movies, social media, and alternative news. If I want to watch sports, I can go to the complex gym and attempt to watch while I work out or watch while I eat at a restaurant.

Bill Hicks on watching television courtesy of pinterest

I have always been an avid reader, and I find that reading allows me to learn and consider other sources that can further explain or confirm the truth. I used to read chick fiction but have switched to non-fiction books for the most part. The internet allows me access to lots of sources and enables me to find documentaries or funny clips. I am amazed at news and world events that others don’t know about, and I almost as amazed at the trivial things others do know about. A quote by the late, great comedian Bills Hicks sums up television well , unless used carefully and in moderation, very accurately.

Watch TV in moderation, research the news you see on TV, read books, and you will be pleasantly surprised at the whole other side of the story you have been missing.

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