Respect For Your Fellow Man

There is always someone who wants what you have. Sometimes it’s your car or your job. Other times it’s your mate, and sometimes it’s about something as silly as you got there first, or you are in their way. In this case, I was using a treadmill in the apartment complex gym, and a fellow apartment dweller had to wait. Rather than ask how long the treadmill would be in use, this person did a few exercises and huffed and puffed. Then he did a few more exercises before throwing down an exercise mat and stomping home.

I’m not sure if I was more struck by the feeling of entitlement radiating from this person, or the lack of willingness (and maybe ability) to communicate, but I think it was the shock and awe of a grown man displaying a five-year-old style temper tantrum because he didn’t get there first. If only this was a chance encounter but, sadly it is not. This type of behavior is often more common than a polite hello, excuse me, or a simple acknowledgement that another person exists.

Fortunately, I didn’t let this ruin my evening, or my workout. However, this episode made me realize how often we want instant gratification and we feel that our needs are more important than someone else’s needs. We are often so into our routines, our hurry to get things done, and into our electronic communications that we forget how to actually talk to another person. Then again, some people need to be taught how to communicate out loud in a civilized manner.

The best way is to teach by example… Smile at someone or say hello and see if you don’t brighten someone’s day, or respond in kind when someone does the same to you. It could start a chain reaction of friendliness and respect for your fellow man.

© 2014 blogdaysofchrell


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